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In the early ages, Khaba the Peaceful was perhaps the greatest leader his people have ever seen. Under his rule, his kingdom was at peace and prosperity. The armies didn’t fight with others but only beasts that wandered in the vicinity of the kingdom. All the other kingdoms traded goods and knowledge with Khaba’s kingdom. Khaba knew he would have enemies present themselves in time, but never imagined they would come from so close.

12 years into his rule, Khaba’s enemies revealed themselves. While in private meeting with his 2 most trusted generals, Khaba’s brother and hired assassins, broke in, killed the generals who fought to protect their leader and tied Khaba to a column. His brother began preaching about how the kingdom needs to be worshiped and the only way to get that is to instill fear in the other kingdoms. He also informed Khaba that his wife and children were already dead, slain by his own hand. In true horror, Khaba realized how dark and sinister his brother had become but it was too late. At the exact moment of realization, he felt his brother’s blade slowly pierce his heart. Then darkness came.

Ages later, during a dark cool night, a shadowy figure walked across the sands in the direction of a crypt. This figure was Rubikhan, an old wise necromancer. Rubikhan entered the tomb of Khaba and slid open the sarcafigus. There lie Khaba, flesh rotted away and more skeleton than corpse. Rubikhan spoke, “let your new dark reign begin” and began a ceremony. Minutes later Khaba awoke in his decayed state and gazed at Rubikhan with a light blue glow coming from the sockets where his eyes used to be. This was no longer Khaba the Peaceful. You could feel the rage and hate burning in the Dark Harbingers decaying body. This was Khaba the Wicked.

Khaba and Rubikhan began to raise an army to destroy those who got in the way of Khaba regaining his kingdom. The first were his generals that died at his side. However “they will not be known as generals, but crypt lords” Khaba said. Rhubikhan began raising mummies to serve as the base of the warband. The necromancer than spoke “I have an offering for you.” An abomination entered the crypt and through body language, pledged his allegiance to Khaba. Rhubikhan also informed Khaba that Iritis, a death cultist champion, had already pledged the allegiance of himself and his archers. Khaba proceeded to say “My warband is almost complete, however I desire one more addition. It is a fearful creature residing in caves who has a shell as hard as the hardest metal and so fearful most people will be afraid to attack it. I desire a scarab ogre under my control.” Rubikhan told Khaba he would bring him one that he can control. Khaba almost felt a sense of joy when he told his necromancer servant “When you return with my scarab ogre we will march. We will destroy all those who oppose us and the world will know amd fear the name, Khaba the Wicked.”

***Updated 05/20/11*** Photobucket" alt="" /> Khaba the Wicked

Chaos Dark Harbinger, Ka 1

Ka Powers: Darkfire

Renown: 6

Hand Weapon x 2, Javelins, Medium Armor, Large Shield

Points: 137 Photobucket" alt="" /> Uga

Crypt Lord

Crypt Lord Power: Animated Ka

Hand Weapon, Javelins, Medium Armor, Large Shield

Points: 71 Photobucket" alt="" /> Arenkhut

Crypt Lord

Crpyt Lord Power: Repulsive to Animals

Hand Weapon, Medium Armor, Normal Shield

Points: 68 Photobucket" alt="" /> Rubikhan


Necromancer Powers: Flesh of Acid, Wings of the night, Rotten Stench, Creeping Darkness, Wall of Bones, Eaters Tentacle, Dark Pall.

Double Handed weapon, Heavy Robes.

Points: 100

The Scarab Wall

(10) Mummy Warriors

Spear, Medium Armor, Normal Shield

Points: 250 Photobucket" alt="" /> Slow Death

(10 ) Horde Mummies

Points: 100

Death From Afar

(11) Asar Warriors


Points: 165


Asar Champion

Hand Weapon, Bow, Medium Armor

Points: 34 Photobucket" alt="" /> Ur


Powers: Scaled Hide, Spitting Venom, Leprous Skin

Points: 200 Photobucket" alt="" /> Sefkh

Scarab Ogre

Points: 125

Renown: 8

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Posted: Saturday, Feb 21, 2015 at 9:03 PM
awesome job!

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