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All The Evils Are Released

By Joe Gois

…Your warband has been ordered to a village on the outskirts of your homeland. Stories of livestock gone missing and sightings of monstrous creatures have begun to spread through the land like wildfire. Recently, villagers have reported their loved ones have not returned from hunting and gathering.

Tired by the nagging of his commoners, the local governor has petitioned the local Demigods and visiting Harbingers to investigate the peculiarities. The reward? Any spoils found and plundered in the endeavor.

Thus far your warband has been making good time and should arrive at the village by nightfall. As you turn to your Captain, you feel the feint rumble of ground underfoot. Your Captain believes it to be a groundshaker. On the horizon you spot a massive Overlord. The monstrosity stands at least 15 men tall! At the far ridge it stops as it notices the gleam of your warbands’ armor in the sunlight. Its’ blood red eyes lock with yours, the beast turns and lets out a ferocious roar! The shaking of the ground underfoot intensifies as you see what seems to be dozens of smaller, yet massive, Titans crest the ridge far off in the distance.

“It would seem the accounts of these peculiarities have been grossly underestimated”, you think to yourself as you turn to your men and sternly bellow, “TOOOOO BAAAATTTTLLLE!!!”

Game Set-up: Standard. Players conceal their deployment zone from each other (by boxes, cardboard, even popped open books) and deploy without how or where the other player is deploying. Both players deploy all units in column formation facing the same short table edge. The Harbinger must be at one end of the player's army, facing the same direction as the rest of the army.

Special Rules: The following special rules apply to this Scenario:

Holy... yet Humble Defenses This deep into the Olympian countryside many objects can be found to help protect the people of the surrounding small villages from things that go bump in the night. Four Holy Pillars can be seen dividing the battlefield. Though they may offer some magical protection, their diminutive size leads you to believe their humble nature will make only hasty defenses...

A line of 4 scenic items are positioned equi-distant across the center of the table (Obelisk for Aegyptus, Pillar for Olympus, Wardstone for Hyperborea) dividing the battlefield in two. These religious structures create an invisible barrier against the forces of "Chaos". A few must be destroyed to break the spell of protection and allow the forces of "Chaos" to pass beyond 6" of the structures. Wendigo and EOD have to destroy 2 structures, Titans must destroy 3 structures, to allow their forces to move beyond the 6". Each structure has a Structure Rating of 7 and 3 Wound Points (Note: structures are not considered metal for the purposes of immunity to non-magical edged weapons). Titans may not use these structures to "Hurl Rocks" until they are detroyed.

Familiar Foe Any “Order” units that begin the game being led by a Titan Hunter, Strategos, or Battle-Sage may be setup in any formation and facing of the player’s choosing (this rule is only versus Titan forces).

Sub-Plot: Roll for a Sub-Plot as normal

Winning the Scenario: 1. The game length is 10 Turns. 2. The “Order” player wins if less than 50% of his opponent’s force has moved off his table edge. 3. The “Chaos” player wins if 50% points or more of his forces move off his opponent’s table edge.

Renown Gains: 1. “Order” Harbingers gain +1 additional renown for the following (amounts are cumulative): -not allowing any of his opponent’s forces across his table edge. -not allowing his opponent’s Overlord (Dark Harbinger/Ice Witch) across his table edge. 2. “Chaos” Harbingers gain +1 additional renown for the following (amounts are cumulative): -moving more than 50% of their force across his opponents table edge -move their Overlord (Dark Harbinger/Ice Witch) across their opponent’s table edge, or if their opponent concedes

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