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The Secret Message

By Chris FitzPatrick

The forces of Chaos have broken out, and an army of horrible monsters has surrounded the city. Colossal Titans, dark Undead, and savage Wendigo all wait for their chance to make a meal of the hapless people within. Dark clouds hang over the city, and furious winds swirl in the air. Your warband alone stands in defense of the city, and you must get a message through the enemy ranks to your nearby allies, or all will be lost. Distract the enemy forces and get your messenger through the enemy lines!

Game Set Up: This scenario is a variation of the classic “Kill the Messenger” scenario from the WarGods of Aegyptus rules. The difference is that in Running the Gauntlet, the besieging warband does not know who the messenger is.

The scenario is played on a 4’ by 6’ table, with the players at opposite 4’ ends of the table. The defender’s table edge is considered the city wall. The besieging monsters are set up first, and they must be set up at least 48” from the city wall. Once the attacker has set up, the defender then deploys his entire warband within 12” of the city wall – no model in the defenders warband may be placed beyond this point (including the Typhon Assassin’s Ambush hidden deployment.)

The game lasts a total of 10 Turns.

Special Rules:

The Hidden Message The defender (the player of the Order side) secretly picks one of his characters to carry the message, by either telling a neutral 3rd party or game-master, or by writing down the characters name and putting the piece of paper face down on the game table, under a central piece of scenery. The messenger may not be a monster (like the Beloved of Sobek) or the player’s Harbinger or Demigod (he is needed for the defense of the city.)

If during the course of the battle the messenger is killed, he is immediately revealed to be carrying the message. Another Character can pick up the message by ending their Activation Phase in base-to-base contact with the casualty. The Character can then attempt to complete the mission. The Harbinger/Demigod cannot carry the message; it is his duty to stay and defend the city.

Tempestuous Winds The sky is swirling with powerful winds, making flight difficult. No Character can safely fly during the course of this scenario.

Sub-Plot: Lair of the Monster - The monsters unleashed by Pandora's Box have begun to appear, and one has made a home on the battlefield! Use the Lair of the Monster Subplot from the WarGods of Aegyptus rules. Players are encouraged to create their own weird, custom monster using a toy or something from their miniature collection. Take photos and share you little critter with the rest of the forum, by posting it to the "Custom Monsters" folder. Or, if you like one of the Custom Monsters posted there, make one of your own. But be sure to give kudos to the player who created the original one by posting on his thread!

Victory and Rewards To win, the defender must get the message across the opposite table edge. The messenger does not have to be the model that began the game with the message – if the model was killed or revealed, another Character could carry the message. If the player succeeds in getting the message across enemy lines, his Harbinger/Demigod receives a point of Renown. If the besieging player intercepts the message or prevents it from getting through, he gains a point of Renown. Other standard rewards and penalties apply.

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