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“Sing to us, O Muses, of the first woman, of her beauty and perfection and of the evils she unwittingly release upon the world. “

It was the earliest days of Hellas, when the gods had first retreated to Olympus and left the mortal world to their creation, man. There, men lived in ignorance, but the Titan Prometheus stole the secret of fire from the gods and gave it to man, and with this knowledge man grew and prospered, building cities and learning to question the will of the gods. Zeus was angered by this, and to punish man he created the first woman… Pandora. He commanded that the gods bestow upon her all manner of seductive gifts; Aphrodite gave her great beauty, so that men world desire her; Hermes gave her curiosity and cunning, so that mischief would be follow her; Apollo gave her the gift of music so that her voice would be sweet, and no man could resist her… thus was she known as the “All Gifted” for the many rewards the gods had given her. Last was Zeus, who gave her a box that he commanded she must never open. Unable to resist her curiosity, she opened the box, and unleashed the secrets that were contained within… all of the evils of the world. Too late, she tried to close the box. And so, the world of men was beset with chaos, troubles and woe, and many of these have taken physical form: terrible monsters from the nightmares of the gods.

In the aftermath, Pandora’s Box was taken by Priestesses of Athena and hidden away, and it was safely hidden for many generations. Order was restored to the world. But a terrible event has now occurred… Pandora’s Box has been stolen from its hiding place by persons unknown, and it has been opened again! Monsters have begun to appear and menace all the lands of the world, as far south as the kingdom of Aegyptus to the northern realm of Hyperborea, and the skies are blackened with dark clouds that threaten a coming storm. Even worse, the evil powers of the world have united, with monstrous Titans, the dark minions of the Eater of the Dead, and the savage Wendigo all working together to destroy the world of men and order, and bring destruction and chaos.

The forces of Order have hastily gathered in a council of war, to try to stop the forces of Chaos. Old differences between Harbinger and Demigod are put aside in the face of this common foe. Who has stolen Pandora’s Box? Where has it been taken? If the box has been opened, can it be shut again? These questions urgently demand answers, but there are even more pressing matters at hand – the armies of Chaos gather, and the Demigods and Harbingers must unite against them so that Order may be preserved.

Demigods! Harbingers! To your chariots! Our gods have chosen to test us, and we must prevail. To battle! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The rules are up for this year's world campaign! Joe Gois and Tony Rodgers will be moderating this one, and it is underway now. We've uploaded the rules PDF to the Croc Downloads section, or you van get them HERE.

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