Croc Tales

For a while now, we've been working on coming up with a way to bring new WarGods material to our customers in a quick and inexpensive way. Meet "Croc Tales" -- the Crocodile Games webzine. In the coming months, we'll be using this webzine to introduce new WarGods rules and troops, as well as to show off some of our favorite painting and scenery-building ideas.

We've organized this webzine into an easy-to-print format, so players can print the articles they want and put them into a handy binder for the game table. But this material is not just for a PDF -- we prefer professionally printed manuals, and the vast majority of our customers do too. We'll compile this material annually and print it as a complete book -- with some new material added as well for extra value. Over the next few months we'll also be re-publishing some of our older material from Harbinger Magazine, which has been out of print for some time. We're looking forward to getting these hard-to-find rules into the hands of our gamers.

Croc Tales Issue 7

Mycenae & Sparta:

Spartan Rules
Mycenaean Rules
Demigod Rules
FLGS Preview

Download Here

CrocTales Issue 6

Satyrs & Minotaurs:

Satyr Ruleset
Minotaurs Ruleset
GenCon 2010 Writeup
The Prestige Campaign
A how to guide

Download Here

CrocTales Issue 5

Anubi Edition:

The Necropolis Guard
Strategy Guide
Scenery Article

Download Here

CrocTales Issue 4

Basti Edition:

Strategy Guide
Painting Guide
Asar Bladedancers Rules
Scenery Building Article

Download Here

CrocTales Issue 3

Heru Edition:

Daughter of the Phoenix
& Warhawks Rules
Heru Strategy Guide
Painting Guide

Download Here

CrocTales Issue 2

Titans Edition:

Titan Rules:
The second army for
WarGods of Olympus,
the titans can be used
in any WarGods setting.

Download Here

CrocTales Issue 1

Monsters Edition:

Scarab Ogre Rules
Rules for including
the Scarab Ogre in your
EoD Warband.
Monsters of Ægyptus

Download Here

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