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Croc Games at Salute!

Salute 2011 is nearly here, and Crocodile Games will be there! We are sending our Croc UK team to the show, laden with all of the New Releases from the last year (in case you missed them!)

Salute also marks the first UK appearance of the Wendigo Warband Guide, our beautiful new full-color book that details the rules and background for playing the Wendigo. Pick up your copy at the booth, and save yourself those pesky international shipping charges! We also have a 2-book special for new players, buy the WarGods of Aygyptus rulebook & the Wendigo Warband Guide and get them both for only 30 quid!

We'll also have the latest miniatures there, including the ever-huggable "Crocogamer" Sebeki Convention Attendee miniature, both of the new WarGods Minotaurs, Typhon Swordsmen, the Necropolis Guard & Hero, and Satyrs & Satyr Heroes, the "Bathtime for Bubbles" vignette, "The Emperor" miniature! We'll also have a very limited number of WarGods Warband Starter Sets and other popular miniatures, but if you are looking these, be sure to stop by early, as they'll have only a small supply! We will not have the Mycenaeans ready at the show, they are nearing completion but we were not able to get them to the UK in time.

Here are some pics of the figures we'll have in quantity:

WG-01 WG-02 LE-11 CF-01 CF-02 WGE-167 WGE-327 WGE-328 WGO-706 WGO-707

Be sure to stop by the Croc booth and say hello!

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