Thursday - December 16, 2010 | Posted by osiris | Category: Scenery

Monument of Khanum, by HG Walls.


Continuing in our series of inspirational scenery ideas for your WarGods games, we present the Monument of Khanum, by Herb Gundt, of HG Walls.

This is a simple scenery piece that looks great on the gaming table. It is basically a monolithic statue mounted on a stone plinth, with an access door in the rear. This sort of construction would be found in temple sites dedicated to Khanum, Amun, and Ra, typically 'standing guard' at the entrance to the complex.

The statue itself was a collectible from the YTC Summit company, and is still available here and there online (its call the Large Criosphinx, and the original is black). It was mounted on a base cut from thin plywood, and textured with the Sandstorm Technique. The hieroglyphics on the rear around the door are from the taken from an Usborne Cut-out Models book called "Make This Egyptian Temple", which is now out of print. The Croc's Temple Door from the "Icons & Artifacts" range could easily be used instead. The whole thing was painted and weathered, and based on a 1/8" thick hardboard base.

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