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Heru Outpost, by H.G.Walls

Outpost 1

This desert outpost is an example of the types of buildings made by the Heru to guard caravan routes through the deserts of AEgyptus. The building's simple and straightforward design reflects the Heru's spartan sensibility. It is built with thick walls of sturdy mud-brick, providing a safe place for travelers to rest and strong base from which the Heru guards can mount their patrols. A walled yard provides a place where horses and beasts of burden can be safely corralled. Cells on the second floor provide a secure place for prisoners. When off-duty, the guardsmen can relax under the shade of an open awning on the rooftop, and occasionally enjoy a cool breeze.

The Heru Outpost was created by Herb Gundt, of H G Walls. The basic shape of the building was primarily made of foam-core, and the tower portion was liberated from a "Hudson & Allen" French Foreign Legion fort set. To get the rough stone texture, the entire finished structure was painted with a cheap latex paint, and handfuls of sand were thrown vigorously against it while the paint is still wet (we affectionately call this Herb's "Sandstorm Technique.") This also helped to blend in the surface texture of the tower with the scratch-built section. Once this has dried, the actual painting began. Note the small details that Herb has included in the structure: a water-pot, rug, and ladder upon the roof, streams of corrosion beneath the rear windows, and small clumps of vegetation around the walls. These odd little details give a terrain piece a "lived in" look, and make it seem more realistic.

Other angles

Heru Outpost 1

Outpost 1

Outpost 1

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