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Chapel of Isis, by H.G. Walls

Chapel View 1

Chapel & Reflection Pool

This is a small chapel devoted to the worship of Isis, the goddess of the Asar. It is the sort of shrine that would be located in the secluded places of Aegyptus, where the Priesthood can carry out their duties in the quiet of the night, and ponder the mysteries of the Cult of Isis by the tranquil waters of the Reflection Pool. It is a place of frequent visitors, the Asar Dispossessed coming from the surrounding lands, bringing modest offerings and seeking the guidance of the Priestesses of Isis.

Building the Chapel

The Chapel is a nice intermediate model to build, requiring skills only modestly more difficult than a simple rectangular homestead and yet less difficult than a small temple. The Chapel has only one doorway and no windows, so constructing the walls is a very straightforward procedure. The central column will determine the finished height of the walls.

Use the Usborne Cut-Out Egyptian temple for the hieroglyphics, black and white checked ribbon for the border and gold ribbon for the roof edging. Apply the "Sandstorm" to the model and paint as desired. Make the entry floor tiles from card cut into 1/2" square pieces and paint to suit. Install a suitable Summit Statue, available through Crocodile Games, in the entry.

The Reflection Pool

The Reflection Pool is an extremely simple model to make. Cut the base from 1/8" thick Masonite and carefully scribe the 1/2" grid pattern with a knife or awl. Using 3/8" x 3/8" bass or balsa wood, attach the pool perimeter to the base. At this stage, the model is "Sand stormed" and painted, with flocking applied after the model is thoroughly dried.

Create the water in the Refection Pool with EnviroTex Lite "Pour-On" High Gloss Finish. Simply follow the instructions provided in the "Pour-On" box for professional results. Alternatively, create the water effect by applying several coats of clear high gloss paint.

EnviroTex Lite "Pour-On" High Gloss Finish
Environmental Technology, Inc.
Fields Landing, CA 95537 USA
(707) 443-9323

Other Views:

Chapel View 2

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