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Crocodile Games is an association of creative individuals, dedicated to promoting excellence in the miniature gaming hobby. To this end, we are developing our own fantasy world, based on classic themes of mythology and ancient cultures. This world is known as the "Antediluvian Age", and it is the setting for our WarGods series of games. WarGods is the game that we always wanted play, and it is our pleasure to share our creation with the rest of the world!

The Croc Team

Chris FitzPatrick

Fitz sculpted his first miniature about 20 years ago, and has worked for many of the world’s leading miniature companies, including Ral Partha & Games Workshop in the UK. He contributed to the Dark Eldar miniature range for Warhammer 40K and designed the Dark Elf Army for Warhammer Fantasy. Fitz moved back to the USA in 2001, and started Crocodile Games and the WarGods game system. When not working on the next WarGods miniature, Fitz wastes his time playing RPGs, drawing and painting, & watching B-movies. He can even be seen acting in one -- playing the part of "Michael" in the Zombie Horror-Comedy movie "Dead at the Box Office", now available on DVD from amazon.com!

Felicity FitzPatrick

Felicity is no stranger to the world of gaming -- after spending many a year playing wargames and roleplaying games in the UK, she made the move to the USA where she joined forces with Fitz (both in marriage and in business) and together they make an unstoppable force! Felicity tries to keep things in ship-shape and working order back at the office and handles the sales, administration, graphic layout and painting.

The Creative Team

Des Hanley - Artist

In real life, Des sits high atop his tower and gazes at the outside world and wonders: "what's the real world like?" After escaping from a small cubicle in the Games Workshop Design Studio, Des found himself wandering in an open desert. Within, he found some lost ruins& later revealed to him as the lost land of Ægyptus. But seriously, after 4 years as an in-house illustrator for GW, Des felt like a change of view... since then he has worked as a Conceptual Artist for The Lord of the Rings miniature range by Harlequin (now Black Tree Designs,) and provided numerous illustrations for FASA's Vor, the Maelstrom game. Des still does the occasional piece for Games Workshop's Black Library, with his pieces featured frequently in the pages of Warhammer Inferno!

John Wigley - Artist

John spent five years working inhouse for Games Workshop UK, after leaving Games Workshop he went to work for Mobius Entertaiment as a concept artist, then spent several years working freelance for company's such as White Wolf games, Crocodile Games, AEG, Sabertooth and the Black Library.
Recently John worked for two years as a inhouse Concept artist for Rockstar Leeds UK.

Todd S. Harris - Sculptor

Todd S. Harris started sculpting three years ago, working in the evenings and weekends on historical 28mm miniatures. He began working full-time in July of 2001, sculpting figures for Reaper, WizKids, and Crocodile Games. Todd, who has had some formal art training, has been drawing, painting, model-building, wargaming, painting figures all his life, and feels that he has finally found a career that suits him. Sure enough, Todd is proving to be one of the rising stars of the miniature industry.

Ben "Hollywood" Siens - Sculptor

Somewhere on the sunny beaches of southern California is Ben Siens -- wearing Bermuda shorts and sipping exotic cocktails (you know, the kind with the little umbrella in the glass.) World renown for sculpting on the beach while wearing sunglasses, Ben designed his first miniature in November of 1999, and much to his surprise (but not ours!) has been designing them ever since. He cites playing with clay during his formative years as the basis of his formal training. Besides his excellent work for Crocodile Games, Ben has worked for such other companies as Reaper, Pegasus, and Wizards of the Coast. When asked about his goals, Ben says: "I hope that one day my skill catches up to my imagination, at which point you can all acknowledge me as the master of all things small . . . or not!"

Ryan Markle - Writer

Bryan Steele - Writer

Bryan has been a gamer for over two decades, but only professionally so for nearly one. Starting his career as a writer for Privateer Press in 2002 with the award-winning Warmachine: Prime and Iron Kingdoms RPG lines, Bryan soon moved on to working as a prolific staff writer for Mongoose Publishing for nearly six years. Despite having known Chris Fitzpatrick for many years, Bryan has only just begun his foray into Crocodile Games...and cannot seem to get enough! Now working happily as a freelance writer and miniature artiste through his own company Ursa's Den (www.ursasden.com), he sells his pen and brushes to the highest bidder as a self-styled "Mercenary of Gaming".

Herb Gundt - Model Maker

Since the cold winters of the past century, Herb has been creating models in his small, isolated workshop, hidden in the vast maize fields of far away northern Hoosierland. Although difficult to locate, Herb has managed to construct numerous modeling projects for a vast number of satisfied customers around the world. His client list includes Armorcast, Conquest Miniatures, Eureka Miniatures, Foundry Miniatures, Lucas Publishing, Old Glory Miniatures, Paizo Publishing, Wizards of the Coast, hundreds of private collectors and, of course, the amazing Crocodile Games. When rare sightings of Herb occur, he is usually seen covered in saw dust and paint, with disheveled hair and muttering things like “who’s calling me now” as he looks for a broom and dust pan.

Matt Zimmerman - Web Designer

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