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Sunday - April 10, 2016

Issues accessing the Online Store or Kickstarter Paypal Page

Dear Croc Friends,

As you may be aware over the past several months, a few people have been experiencing issues accessing the Crocodile Games online store and Kickstarter PayPal page from select Mac OS and browsers. You may also have experienced this elsewhere on the web.

We now have an explanation for this from our web hosting service and this is what they said: "Lion is too old and does not support TLS 1.1 or greater. You will need to upgrade to a newer operating system or use a third party client. Firefox should work on OS X if it is really the latest version, but it may be using the OS X SSL/TLS library. Your browsers will stop working on major ecommerce sites in the very near future when TLS1.0 is disabled on those sites."

Our Awesome Webmaster explained this to us in plain English, as it didn't make much sense - "Basically website encryption is being upgraded and the older OS's and Browsers don't have the necessary support for this newer encryption."

So if you are running into this issue, it’s probably time to upgrade to the latest version of your Operating System and/or Internet web browser.

So, we hope that this helps shine light on the mystery of the sporadic access.

Thanks for your support, Chris and D. Felicity Fitzpatrick

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