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Thursday - May 30, 2013

Athena leads the way to Launch Day!

Demigod of Athena

The Daughter of the goddess Athena has arrived, to lead us to victory! She wears shining bronze armor, and a shield that bears the terrifying image of a gorgon! The daughter of Athena is a master of strategy, an inspirational leader of men, and unmatched in her skill with sword and spear!

This miniature was sculpted by Chris FitzPatrick and based on concept art by Des Hanley. She is one of eight Demigods that will be available at the start of the Kickstarter program in the initial goal.

If you'd like to help get this miniature released, please help us spread the word about our upcoming Croc Kickstarter -- we're hoping to go live on Saturday (assuming Kickstarter approves of our project!)

To see more and larger images and to discuss the Demigod of Athena, join the fun on the Croc Forum

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