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Tue, Mar 17, 2015: Update: Thanks to all our backers for your support, late pledging for the amazons and automatons is now closed.

Amazons painted examples by Deborah FitzPatrick

Crocodile Games has been busy sending out the last of the Amazons and Automaton Kickstarter rewards for the last few weeks. We are just finishing the last of the 'Late Backer' rewards, and we'll be closing the late Paypal Pledging for both of these waves at the end of this week. If you want to add some extra miniatures, or if you are not a backer and want to get a set, now is the last chance until their retail release (sometime next year). Paypal Pledging for these will close after Sunday March 22.

Amazon Warband - Miniatures Only set contains: Warband Starter Set (12 Warriors, Herald, Musician, 2 Honor Guards, Penthesilea Queen of the Amazons) Archer Unit (12 Archers) Peltast Unit (12 Peltasts) Hero with Armor Rack Captain and Casualty Kickstarter exclusives: Bronze owl, Titan Hunter, Helen of Troy, and Oracle of Delphi. -that's 49 miniatures total, for $165 shipped in the USA, international orders add $19 additional shipping.

Larger warband sets are also available, details on the Paypal Pledging page.

Automatons scale comparison

The Bronze Automatons will also be closing: Minotaur (with 2 weapon options) Hoplite (with 2 head/weapon options) Bronze Owl Hound Bronze Bull -complete set of 5 for $42, shipping included with Amazon warband.

Here's a link to the 'Paypal Pledging' page, complete details are available here:

Paypal Pledging Details.

Amazon Hero

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