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Posted: Friday, Dec 17, 2021 at 2:13 AM
With excessive-speed printing nice, remarkable features, and advanced updates, Canon Pixma mx492 has won thousands and thousands of hearts. First of all, after unboxing, you're meant to test out the availability of all the components. Now, you have to open the box and cast off all the protecting cover from the printer. Now, you take out the electricity cable, and then you definately are purported to join it to the printer port and join it with the energy supply. To know more about canon pixma mx492 setup. Next, you ought to activate the printer just by using pressing its power button. You need to ensure you do configure the settings on the printer’s manipulate panel. You are required to configure the settings at the printer simply transferring to the control panel. You need to dispose of the ink cartridges and then insert them into the corresponding nozzles. You ought to load the paper tray with an appropriate paper

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